If I had a dollar for every person that tried to shade and try to use the word “interesting” in a sentence while talking to me I’d be a damn millionaire lol ….

My little blog is just my way of saying “I’m HERE” because so many people have tried to break my spirit . This little glimpse of me is the only way I can tell MY STORY my AUTHENTIC story because if it’s not apparent there is someone deadest on rewriting the narrative .

INTERESTING ……isn’t it

Humble Beginnings

I started like anyone else working for other people in this skincare & nail game when these pics were taken I was working at BOTH these businesses at the same time getting minimum pay and barely making it a lot has changed since then while these two places have shut down I have grown there is no shame in starting off small Hell I’m still a small one man operation but the only difference is I’m working for MYSELF doing services for MYSELF because doing beauty services to me is about the CLIENTS happiness and making them feel better about themselves !

So if you’re just starting out always remember you have to start somewhere and everything we do and everyplace we go is a learning experience

Locs are NOT curls

I have a head filled with beautiful natty dreads aka LOCS and you know what ?

They are nappy AF lol

Dreads dreadlocks locs etc ARE NOT CURLS you cannot wash them out, you cannot remove them without cutting them out .

I’m always surprised at how people think locs are something you do on a whim and it’s sad because people who look like me whose ancestors originated hair locing are so ignorant of them .

Jonathan and Leslie and Jason

My two oldest kids are Jonathan 23 and Leslie 21

These two are actually the apple of my eye I had them during my struggle . I had them back when things were not all good when I had to fight for every opportunity when I was deemed not worthy and told I’d be nothing because I had kids young now folks are trying to say they are not mine because they grew up to be beautiful accomplished people ……It’s funny because when I first had my kids nobody wanted anything to do with them or me now these same people are saying that I don’t have kids and that I’m actually lying about having kids lol imagine that …lying about people you gave birth too jealousy is a funny thing

Then came Jason he’s my awesome autistic angel he brings me comfort and joy and stress lol I love all of my children and no matter what the internet says you can’t take away the fact that my children are my children ….

nerdy fashion conscience traveling introvert………