Leslie goes to Europe

Leslie is off on her post graduate trip to Europe she will be taking my place at the Le Dîner en Blanc In France as well as touring the county side of Great Britain I’m very proud of her and I hope she travels to many many different destinations as she makes a future for herself

Mothers Day at Yard House

We spent Mother’s Day at the Yard House on International Drive in Orlando the food was very good servings large and drinks were refreshing I had the Salted Watermelon Margarita ,Poke Nachos , Cesare Salad and Clam chowder


Not my house

I’ve posted pics of all the apartments I’ve had and haters always want to say I was living with my mom lol

Well I really am living with her now and here is what HER house looks like as you can see there is a big difference between her house and mine

Leslie graduates college

Twenty-one years ! of sacrifices hardships hard feelings and emotions and Everything else life can throw at you and we are finally here THIS is what it’s all about THIS makes it all worth it

Professional Photography by @co.dmk

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Be a boss not a lame


People  want you to be like them in the sense that they want you to be in bad situations like them they get themselves into trouble they make bad decisions then the next thing you know they project their troubles onto someone they think won’t know they are talking shit but you have to let these people talk you have to let them blame you because while they spend all of their time blaming someone who never speaks to them for their problems you will be the one moving forward making moves let people play games because real bosses make moves they don’t have time to play


Wekiva Island.

Today we had a few hours of free time and so we went to wekiva island the fish tacos are awesome and the beers and drinks are cheap bring your own floaty and chairs you’ll need them the atmosphere is family oriented and friendly and nobody stared at us because cause we were the only black ppl.

*They do allow smoking so look out if that bothers you

We are moving

I’m moving….long story short the place I’ve been living in for the past four years has turned out to be the epitome of white micro aggression OASIS OF WEKIVA is just the worse place to rent we figured we’d stay here until we bought a home and I’ll be damned right when we found a place to build a home and started the process lol here comes the property manger with the shits …..basically her staff talked shit to my husband and now we are being forced out if we don’t move by the end of May they will ruin our chances of renting until we can move into the new home we’ve already been blacklisted from the surrounding properties the property managers husband is in law enforcement and of course we are black so you know how this is going I’ve contacted media and lawyers to no avail the blue wall is real and this isn’t even a law enforcement issue lol it’s the manger whining to her husband and now we are where we are with a four year old paying hundreds of dollar every time we apply for it to be “denied” based on fake news or fake “criminal backgrounds” that neither of us has so on that note let me finish packing my boxes …..we will find a place before the house is finished money talks so we may have to come out of pocket more than we should or I’ll go stay with my mother lol ….the wigs will love that #bloop

PS: yes I have talked to PICERNE management who owns the apartment and they agree it’s ok to displace myself and my family they literally told me it’s best that I be displaced as long as they are good lol …..Everyone from the office staff to the maintenance to the upper management has been nothing but callous condescending and rude please stay away from this property there are several places in apopka you can rent that are luxury properties these people have done everything in their power to prevent me from renting elsewhere

Budget Travel Tips

I like to travel and go here and there people often speculate how this occurs and the answer is easy !

I PLAN and use DISCOUNT websites and travel budget sites here are a few I use .





American Airlines

Some discount airlines :



Wow Airlines

Another helpful tip is to book at least one year to 6mos in advance this guarantees the best prices and the best seating also take full advantage of any rewards program or student or alumni discount or corporate benefit of you can negotiate travel perks into your employment contract!

There are many ways to make travel happen for you it’s all about being diligent about your research

Go after your DREAMS

The naysayers you have I will guarantee 100% will have let their dreams pass them or have no dreams at all . These are the people who literally study you to find ways to talk you out of your dreams or make your dreams seem insufficient and if you do carry on and make it they will be there to throw stones and point fingers .

LIVE EACH DAY TO THE FULLEST because other people are not can not and will not .

Vanity selfies

You always look your best in front of your vanity mirror lol . I don’t care what your wearing or the lightning nothing is better than that first selfie before you head out the door

Let’s talk about TROLLS

Let’s talk about the ever present local psycho ….the internet troll.

I’ve found since returning to social media in 2014 there are people literally filled with hate and malice and their soul purpose is to cause you harm ,humiliate you and create discord in your real life outside of social media .

The first thing a troll does is join a group or forum based on a united front such a feminism anti racism or any other type of group that focuses on “community” especially if that “community” is disfranchised or has a core of lower income members this opens the door for them to sniff out a target who can easily be deemed “against the group” or in some way “looking down ” on the rest ,usually a person who isn’t as bad off or who has their shit together to some extent compared to the others. Natural human behavior is to find fault in someone who isn’t as bad off as the rest or who seems “different” no matter how welcome the space.

The second goal of the troll is to research the target and build a false narrative a false sense of “why we should hate this bitch” and slowly but surely DM , inbox and sow the seeds of reasonable doubt about their chosen victim this builds their following and it recruits other lower level trolls that are willing to participate in illegal or semi illegal actions to ruin the character of the victim the troll thrives on their followers need to advocate for a cause and with this they create a “villain” so that their followers can play “hero” by “taking someone down” for their cause .

Once there is enough social discord present in the group the troll can then divide duties to their underlings each one tasked with different behaviors and actions meant to paint the target in a negative light usually within a short period of time they can have someone’s personal life online and privacy invaded unbeknownst to the target all the while they’ve gone viral and their real life existence begins to suffer .

By the time the target figures out they’ve been slandered it could be months or even years before they realize there is a whole campaign against them .

Trolls rely on gossip ,haters and people who just don’t like the target to chime in and keep the ball rolling because to them this person shouldn’t be sitting around having a pleasant experience while they sit in their shitty situation they’ve created for themselves stewing in mediocrity ….the troll HAS to destroy the target because for whatever reason they were attracted to this persons light or energy and it was wayyyy too balanced . Trolls need to to find your vulnerability and create unbalanced negativity in your life they are jealous they are bitter and they can’t imagine you having it so much “easier” then them so they set out to destroy, lie and humiliate

What can be done ?

Nothing …the seeds are usually sowed and grown into trees by the time it’s realized and like any other sociopathic smear campaign you literally have to just live with it until they get tired of you

What to do to prevent it ?

To be honest stay offline or at the very least post memes and random photos don’t post anything too personal or voice any opinions or join any groups or forums focused on anything heavy or political trolls thrive in these spaces and as stated earlier no matter how welcoming the environment there is always someone willing to set the stage for your downfall it’s just not worth the risk

Who are these people ?

Usually covert narcissist they pretend to be knee deep in activism or whatever but they are mostly looking to boost their social media status and create a persona anyone that may make them feel “less than” in their imagination will be targeted or they are just bitches online who want to see you fail because they don’t like something about you

How do you know all of this ?

Because it happened to me lol and it’s still happening you’d be surprised the lengths a troll will go to destroy your character

I hope this helps someone who may be either going through or at least prevent something like this from happening to another person

Easter for Jason

I don’t celebrate religious holidays but I don’t press my ideals on my children if there is some kind of celebratory party or gifts to be given we give them lol.

We decided since Jason is now four he’s old enough to start getting Easter baskets lol he joyfully agreed when he awoke to see his dinosaur Easter basket !!!!

The Lizard in my window

There has been a lizard living in my window for a few days now and at this point I’m just going to gag lol .

I wear glasses

Ive been severely near sighted for over 30 years ingot my first pair of glasses at the age of 9 and if I don’t wear them in couldn’t drive or even do my work on a computer! They are pretty thick but ever since I discovered Zenni Optical things have gotten pretty cool now I can wear my “nerdy” glasses and have fun at the same time here are a few of my favorite pairs .

New glasses alert :