Color Block

Color Block

Alexander McQueen zipper jacket
$6,855 –

Charlotte Olympia heel pump
$270 –

Moschino purse
$655 –

White jewelry

Spikes jewelry

Gucci sequin shawl

Off White logo belt
$215 –

Kangol bucket hat
$19 –

Tech accessory

False eyelash
$11 –

Lip makeup

Chic Street

Chic Street

Pattern shirt

Helmut Lang stretch legging
$975 –

Chanel tote

David yurman bangle

Hermès ivory jewelry

Charm jewelry

Iphone case

Mickey mouse headband

Maybelline face makeup
$9.68 –

False eyelash
$5.47 –

Erica Redling
$48 –

If I had a dollar for every person that tried to shade and try to use the word “interesting” in a sentence while talking to me I’d be a damn millionaire lol ….

My little blog is just my way of saying “I’m HERE” because so many people have tried to break my spirit . This little glimpse of me is the only way I can tell MY STORY my AUTHENTIC story because if it’s not apparent there is someone deadset on rewriting the narrative .

INTERESTING ……isn’t it

nerdy fashion conscience traveling introvert………