Conventioning while black 

Every year I get my shit together put on spiffy duds and get in my car and drive across Orlando Florida to the Orange County Convention Center for the biggest beauty show in America Premiere Orlando ! As a beauty professional and business owner you’d think this would be an exciting time a time to meet and greet and spend on cool things … is … an extent ….but you see ….IM BLACK 
Being black at the Premiere  Orlando is to be ignored by the models handing out samples some will even refuse to give them to you it means bring told CASH ONLY when you try to use your credit card even though everyone else is paying with cards it’s being given the side eye when your attending a paid class some will actually ask if your a receptionist being made to attend by the owner !

Well Carina you’ve listed some pretty harsh examples why do you still attend ? WHY? Because black nail techs make up only 6% of the industry black make up artists and Estheticians barely make up 1% of the industry but we are argueably the most talented and knowledgeable in the industry our trends from the streets are what you see in watered down versions on the runways of Paris and Milan . I show up because I’m a business owner a nail technician (one id the baddest in the game) an Esthetician and makeup artist my presence makes the major brands nervous it forces them to talk to me and acknowledge I’m their equal . My presence reassures the newbies I see at the show it lets them know WE do nails and spa and eyelash extensions and WE offer high end services as well as teach  . I’m a regular at the show some brands even expect to see me as long as I’m able I’m going to show up because this industry is OURS but we are treated like visitors not even guests . Without our defiant relentless puporseful attendance to these shows they will feel comfortable with having us just clean up after or be hair models or hand models . BLACK GIRLS DO SPA WE DO NAILS WE ARE MAKEUP ARTISTS AND EDUCATORS .

But they have black beauty shows ! Of course they do but those shows are a showcase of ourselves to ourselves we need national recognition our artists need the major contracts with OPI ,CND and the other brands!

I’ve been gong to this trifling show for over ten years and each year I chip a tiny piece off the shiny exterior I see more people like me I see more young black stylists and artists I meet with one more major brand I know my tiny existence isn’t making any major difference but it upsets people to see my nappy headed ratchet nail arse at the show not only attending but spending big for my supplies and if one other black spa girl sees me and decides to stay in the game and win then it was all worth it ……💅🏾💋💄

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