Colonization is REAL 



the action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area.

…… it’s sad that freeforming IS NOT the gag where I am it’s just not acceptable at all colonization IS REAL…. and western beauty standards are encouraged which is also sad … hair has always grown long If left alone but freeforming makes me feel free and in control of my aesthetic which can be hard enough in the USA with pressure to assimilate and conform in order to compete for work and opportunities …..colorism …self hate and colonialism make wearing your crown a no no in the very places it should be celebrated also the fiction that AA look think and act a certain way is sad I find it odd that in the USA my naps are normal but not here ……I find it harder and harder to look how I WANT MYSELF TO LOOK . I spend a great deal of time helping others achieve their ideal appearance but my own is often questioned there is so much to unpack in our communities

My hair goal inspirations

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