It follows you….

It’s funny because I’m literally over 1.5k miles away from the United States and whatever fuckery my sociopaths have created has finally found me here whatever lie whatever fuckery they have created has the locals riled up it’s a strange existence not knowing when the people around you will stop talking to you and start hating you because of outside forces it’s a dirty game you cannot win a game of wits but you cannot compete with the genius of the insane there is no feeling behind the lies or pressure they apply it is all meant to isolate you from the world so if you choose to not be their willing victim then you will live in solitude and desolation because they don’t just go after your friends they go after your livihood as well the goal is to destroy you for sport and thus I document my torment because that may be the only thing stopping them from my actual murder cause death is the end game either by my own hand or someone else who thinks I may have wronged them sociopaths only reason for living is to destroy life they have no feelings only a desire to gain dominion over others and power by any means when they see you can SEE them you become a danger to them and this it begins …..but no matter where you go
It follows you …………

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