Jonathan and Leslie and Jason

My two oldest kids are Jonathan 23 and Leslie 21

These two are actually the apple of my eye I had them during my struggle . I had them back when things were not all good when I had to fight for every opportunity when I was deemed not worthy and told I’d be nothing because I had kids young now folks are trying to say they are not mine because they grew up to be beautiful accomplished people ……It’s funny because when I first had my kids nobody wanted anything to do with them or me now these same people are saying that I don’t have kids and that I’m actually lying about having kids lol imagine that …lying about people you gave birth too jealousy is a funny thing

Then came Jason he’s my awesome autistic angel he brings me comfort and joy and stress lol I love all of my children and no matter what the internet says you can’t take away the fact that my children are my children ….

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