We are moving

I’m moving….long story short the place I’ve been living in for the past four years has turned out to be the epitome of white micro aggression OASIS OF WEKIVA is just the worse place to rent we figured we’d stay here until we bought a home and I’ll be damned right when we found a place to build a home and started the process lol here comes the property manger with the shits …..basically her staff talked shit to my husband and now we are being forced out if we don’t move by the end of May they will ruin our chances of renting until we can move into the new home we’ve already been blacklisted from the surrounding properties the property managers husband is in law enforcement and of course we are black so you know how this is going I’ve contacted media and lawyers to no avail the blue wall is real and this isn’t even a law enforcement issue lol it’s the manger whining to her husband and now we are where we are with a four year old paying hundreds of dollar every time we apply for it to be “denied” based on fake news or fake “criminal backgrounds” that neither of us has so on that note let me finish packing my boxes …..we will find a place before the house is finished money talks so we may have to come out of pocket more than we should or I’ll go stay with my mother lol ….the wigs will love that #bloop

PS: yes I have talked to PICERNE management who owns the apartment and they agree it’s ok to displace myself and my family they literally told me it’s best that I be displaced as long as they are good lol …..Everyone from the office staff to the maintenance to the upper management has been nothing but callous condescending and rude please stay away from this property there are several places in apopka you can rent that are luxury properties these people have done everything in their power to prevent me from renting elsewhere

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