Leslie goes to Europe

Leslie is off on her post graduate trip to Europe she will be taking my place at the Le Dîner en Blanc In France as well as touring the county side of Great Britain I’m very proud of her and I hope she travels to many many different destinations as she makes a future for herself

Not my house

I’ve posted pics of all the apartments I’ve had and haters always want to say I was living with my mom lol

Well I really am living with her now and here is what HER house looks like as you can see there is a big difference between her house and mine

Be a boss not a lame


People  want you to be like them in the sense that they want you to be in bad situations like them they get themselves into trouble they make bad decisions then the next thing you know they project their troubles onto someone they think won’t know they are talking shit but you have to let these people talk you have to let them blame you because while they spend all of their time blaming someone who never speaks to them for their problems you will be the one moving forward making moves let people play games because real bosses make moves they don’t have time to play