Books Books Books


I love books , reading and collecting books and magazines !

Reading is the one escape that not only exercises your mind but expands your imagination transporting you to places even your passport cannot ! Lately I’ve been into reading French poetry currently working on “Calligrammes” by Guillaume Apollinaire Translated by Anne Hyde Greet Introduction by S.I.Lockerberie and “The street philosopher and the holy fool” a Syrian journey by Marius Kociejowski . I love a hard read and can get through most books in a day or two . I’ve decided to really get back into consuming as many reads as I can reading new things or things of interest have always kept my vibration high and my energy levels at a calm pace witch helps me keep my focus in other areas of life … short READING IS “AWESOME” (lol I figured I’d keep that same energy everyone else is keeping when using that word 😝)


Moral of the story folks ….#READ and don’t be afraid of the hard reads you’d  be surprised how fast you can get through a good book

LEGO table

Facebook market is an excellent way to acquire unique kids toys ! I copped this LEGO table for Jason for 40$ not too bad as it was brand new ! With Jason being autistic this was a perfect addition to his sensory friendly room I’ve created for him it incorporates dexterity exercises and allows him to problem solve through play

Lamp Revamp

I love to refurbish things because let’s face it sometimes the item you want doesn’t exist so you have to CREATE it yourself !

I refurbished my already thrifted lamp by spray painting it metallic silver and adding anew lamp shade total cost for the do over …10$ !

New Sofa ….who dis?

I had a good run with my orange leather sofa now I have the new new lol ….I think it’s also time for new throw pillows or some throw pillow covers

Humble Beginnings

I started like anyone else working for other people in this skincare & nail game when these pics were taken I was working at BOTH these businesses at the same time getting minimum pay and barely making it a lot has changed since then while these two places have shut down I have grown there is no shame in starting off small Hell I’m still a small one man operation but the only difference is I’m working for MYSELF doing services for MYSELF because doing beauty services to me is about the CLIENTS happiness and making them feel better about themselves !

So if you’re just starting out always remember you have to start somewhere and everything we do and everyplace we go is a learning experience


At 36 you don’t think having a baby would be a thing random thing that could happen to you …welp

In my case that’s exactly what happened ! Right when my husband I decided to pack up everything and leave the USA to travel BOOM


Our news came of the miracle to come ! Sometimes you have to let go and let the universe bless you !

… forward four years later

My little earth angel was well worth it

Jonathan and Leslie and Jason

My two oldest kids are Jonathan 23 and Leslie 21

These two are actually the apple of my eye I had them during my struggle . I had them back when things were not all good when I had to fight for every opportunity when I was deemed not worthy and told I’d be nothing because I had kids young now folks are trying to say they are not mine because they grew up to be beautiful accomplished people ……It’s funny because when I first had my kids nobody wanted anything to do with them or me now these same people are saying that I don’t have kids and that I’m actually lying about having kids lol imagine that …lying about people you gave birth too jealousy is a funny thing

Then came Jason he’s my awesome autistic angel he brings me comfort and joy and stress lol I love all of my children and no matter what the internet says you can’t take away the fact that my children are my children ….

Self Care

People for the most part are unkind . Everyday there’s is a struggle to navigate through this world having to deal with bullies and other dangers such as racism , colorism , classism , sexism and more , we get caught up in the evils of the day and all of that negative energy can wear us down and dull our shine we have to remember to take care of ourselves mentally and physically so that we won’t vibrate at a lower frequency and attract unwanted energies that could potentially destroy us .


It’s never over



People have the misconception that life is essentially over once you have kids and get married , that’s bullshit it actually is the BEGINNING of so much more .


Trips , Vacations , family outings whatever you were used too before is only enhanced by having a family and a husband ! Do they me wrong by no means am I saying you HAVE to have kids or a husband all I’m saying is if you happen to have them don’t think you have Ron stay in the house and watch the paint peel take your family out and see the world together!


It’s 2018 and I’m starting to step into my purpose . New opportunities New business ventures and a new outlook on life!

2018 will be the “planning” year the year goals are set and REACHED . Every activity planned and paid for educational opportunities taken advantage of and new travel destinations booked !

I’ve decided to use a really big planner because my plans are REALLY BIG ! I’ve discovered how things can manifest once you write it down with intention and set it as a goal not an aspiration or desire .

My 2018 will be the manifestation of ALL my plans coming to fruition because DREAMS are now GOALS that have been set and will be achieved through careful PLANNING.

My new car!

After many years of service from my old faithful friend the #HOTTBOXX (Scion xB) I’ve made a new friend.

Say hello to #BLUEFAIRY my new Volkswagen Jetta SE TSI. May we make many new journeys together.

Georgia Aquarium

We continued Jason’s Birthday series with a trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta